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“Realizing that there are two types within the same species – ideal in their own different ways – helps those of us who struggle to keep up with the rat race to find an identity. Not just as the fragile ones but also as people who have talents that the rest of the world needs. We are not just the ones who are unable; we have resources that are essential for the survival of the species.”


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the ultimate guide

highly sensitive person relationships

"The thesaurus on my Microsoft Word program gives the following synonyms for sensitivity: compassion, sympathy, understanding, and kindliness."


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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on HSP Relationships!

HSPs are people people.  They are highly empathetic and can easily read other people's moods and anticipate their needs.  

At the same time, relationships can be incredibly difficult for HSPs to navigate.  Here are some reasons why.


Highly sensitive people constitute a minority of roughly 20 percent of the human population.  We are inherently different from the 80 percent majority in a few crucial ways.  This means that our needs sometimes clash with the "normal" way of operating. 


In addition to sensory stimuli like lights, sounds, and smells, HSPs are sensitive to social and emotional stimuli.   HSPs easily sense and physically react to what other people are feeling, noticing their disappointment, discomfort, disapproval, and so on.  This gets to be exhausting after a while, so while we enjoy hanging out with people, we also need more downtime in solitude to recover.      


Another hallmark of high sensitivity is that we feel feelings more intensely.  This means that potential conflict and judgment can be uncomfortably overstimulating for HSPs.  So a lot of time, HSPs go out of their way to do whatever they can to keep the peace so as not to risk having to deal with other people’s negative emotions.  However, this means that they can sacrifice their own well-being, sometimes to a breaking point.

In the articles below, I share pointers for navigating these problems and more...

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want support?

If you'd like personalized support reaching your relationship goals, I'd love to serve as your coach!  Here are examples of the kinds of goals I help HSP clients reach:

  • Assume control over your time and energy resources
  • Establish and enforce healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Practice moving through and recovering from conflict situations
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Prioritize and adopt self care habits

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