I’m a life and career coach for highly sensitive people.  As a life coach, I help HSPs make changes and implement strategies that allow them to reduce stress and overwhelm.  As a career coach, I help HSPs create meaningful work lives without burnout.  

On my website, information about my life coaching and career coaching services is neatly separated into different sections.  (Click here for life coaching and click here for career coaching.)

In real life, however, these lines of separation aren’t always so clear.  

What if you are wanting to make changes in both your life and your career, but you are not sure where to start?

What if it’s your career that’s stressing you out, but you are not necessarily wanting to change careers at this point in time?

What if you do want to change your career, but “life” keeps getting in the way?

What would that mean for picking a coaching package?  

If any of this sounds like you, here are a few guidelines to think about. 

Use Coaching To Get Clarity On Priorities

One of the jobs of a coach is to help people who are feeling overwhelmed or confused about next steps to gain clarity around priorities and formulate an action plan.  So if you are wanting to make changes in multiple life areas, but you are not sure where to start, it’s my job to help you figure it out.  In this case, we would start with life coaching and the big picture, but be open to the possibility that we might transition into career coaching if that ends up being the life area it makes the most sense to address first. 

Ask If You Have The Capacity To Work On Career Change

Many of my career coaching clients have been through burnout, but the acute burnout phase is usually already behind them when we start taking active steps toward career discovery and career change in coaching.  If you are really stressed out and overwhelmed or still experiencing symptoms of burnout, it can be difficult to envision what you actually want from your career or to start implementing the steps needed for career change.  The stress and exhaustion need to be addressed first so that you can work on career change from a place of strength and with your full capacity. 

Consider Career Coaching With A Side Of Life

My coaching practice is flexible, informal, and client-centered.  I don’t believe in following rigid rules and I want to help you solve the problems that most need solving.  Many of my career coaching clients are generally ready to work on career change, but sometimes life interferes and other issues become more pressing.  Maybe a visit with the in-laws is really stressing you out.  Maybe your significant other just doesn’t get how your sensitivity impacts you even though you’ve tried explaining it a hundred times.  Maybe your self care practices have been backsliding and you need to get refocused.  When these kinds of “life” issues come up, it’s absolutely fine to use your career coaching session to talk through and strategize about how you want to approach them.  

Time Your Coaching Sessions for Best Chance of Success

My coaching packages for stress and overwhelm coaching are set up with regular weekly or biweekly sessions and a three-month minimum.  With stress and overwhelm coaching, consistency is usually key.  In order to make changes, you gotta keep showing up for yourself consistently for an extended period of time.  That’s the way our human bodies and brains tend to work.  

On the other hand, I never want to force a timeline on career or self employment coaching, so my coaching packages on that side allow variable frequency.  Some clients see me weekly, some biweekly, some monthly, and for some it varies based on what phase of the process they are in.  One of the lessons many of my highly sensitive clients have needed to learn is that the key to success is letting yourself progress at your own pace.

With all that being said, my goal is to customize my coaching packages to match whatever your individual circumstances are.  I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions or imposing an external structure if it doesn’t make sense.  If you’d like to talk more about what your goals are and how coaching might help you achieve them, click here to schedule your free intro zoom meeting. 🙂

About the Author

Hi, I'm Anni! I'm a life and career coach for stressed out highly sensitive people. My mission is to help you discover your true self and create a life you ACTUALLY like.

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