career coaching for highly sensitive people

Get unstuck and start moving toward career happiness!

are you feeling stuck in your career?

Perhaps you are a highly sensitive person who can relate to one or more of the following:

  • Your current job situation is stressing you out, but you are not sure what you could be doing instead.
  • You have some ideas for a new career direction but you are having a  hard time making the final decision to move forward.
  • You are doubting yourself and afraid to make the wrong career move.
  • When you think about everything involved in a career transition, you feel too overwhelmed to take action.

If any of this sounds familiar, my HSP career coaching program might be for you!

hi, i'm anni!

As a life and career coach for HSPs, my mission is to help highly sensitive people align their lifestyles with their personality.  Why?  So that you can feel well and enjoy life!  Can you imagine waking up every morning to share your gifts with the world and do work that you are actually excited about?  I would love to team up with you to make it happen!  

In addition to my formal training as a Certified Highly Sensitive Person Coach®, a Certified Whole Person Coach®, and a Certified Administrator of the MBTI® and the Strong Interest Inventory®, what I really draw from is my personal experience as a highly sensitive person who went through a pretty drastic career change myself in my late thirties and my years of experience writing about and coaching highly sensitive people who have struggled in their careers and sought change.  I'm intimately familiar with the problems and obstacles highly sensitive people often face.  But I also know that highly sensitive people have SO much to offer and I love nothing more than seeing highly sensitive people find a meaningful career path and a way to offer their gifts to the world without sacrificing their personal wellbeing and other values in the process. 

how does it work?

One other thing you should know about me is that I don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.  Below is a rough outline of how the career discovery and transition process typically goes.  Each of the steps below is a potential stuck point, but it doesn't work the same for everyone.  Different people get stuck at different points.  So the very first thing we do in coaching is to figure out where you are along this continuum and then we design a customized coaching program that makes sense based on where you are at and where you want to end up.


Self discovery to figure out what has been missing so far and what your career needs and wants are for the future.


Brainstorming options that satisfy as many of the needs and wants as possible.


Evaluating career options and making a decision. 


Making a transition plan.


Overcoming obstacles and doubts in order to take action to reach career goals.

how is this different from "regular" career coaching?

In case you are wondering what makes this different from other career coaching you may have tried, below are some more details about my approach.

honor your needs as an hsp

I aim to make my coaching practice a safe and welcoming space for sensitive people.  You will not be told to "just get out there" and "grow thicker skin".  Your HSP needs will be honored so that you can feel empowered to take them into account as you make progress toward your career goals. 

holistic approach

I don't believe that it's possible or even desirable to examine your career in isolation from other areas of your life.  How you feel about your career affects other areas of your life.  And what's going on in other areas of your life impacts your capacity to work on career goals.  Therefore, we often end up resorting to what I like to call "career coaching with a side of life".  When relevant, life coaching can be incorporated into your career coaching program. 

you set the pace

The frequency at which you schedule coaching sessions is entirely up to you. You can meet with me once a week, every other week, monthly, or at variable intervals, depending on your capacity and needs.

flexible scheduling

When you sign up for a coaching package, you'll receive a link to my availability calendar, which you can use to select time slots that are convenient to you one session at a time.  You don't need to commit to a specific time. 

goals you can reach

Here are some examples of the kinds of career goals I help HSP clients reach.

  • Articulate and prioritize what you really want from your career.
  • Generate career options that match as many of your needs and wants as possible.
  • Choose a career path that you want to follow next.
  • Create a long-term transition plan for a significant career change.
  • Overcome fears and doubts that hold you back from taking action.
  • Overcome overwhelm and generate doable action steps toward your career goals.
  • Manage stress and overwhelm during the job application process.
  • Feel prepared going into job interviews.
  • Transition into self employment.

what clients say

I came to Anni with the goal of launching my own business. Anni has been instrumental in giving me the confidence and focus to pursue my goals! In our sessions, Anni kept me on track and served as an accountability partner. By creating a comfortable and calm space, she helped me see ways in which I was undervaluing myself. By shedding a light on these areas, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs so that I could succeed! I now feel confident to move into this next phase of my life and have Anni to thank!

lindsey gainey

yOur investment

You can pay for coaching one session at a time or you can purchase a discounted multi-session package.

single session



One 1-hour coaching session online via Zoom

5-session package



Five 1-hour coaching sessions online via Zoom

how to get started

Schedule a free intro session to see if we are a match and to discuss a coaching plan for you! 

interested in career assessments?

If you would like to take the MBTI Step 2® or the Strong Interest Inventory®, you can click below to sign up and make payment.  I will email you within two business days with instructions for taking the assessment and scheduling your interpretation session with me.  

mbti step 2


  • Access to MBTI Step 2® Assessment online
  • 90-minute interpretation session
  • 17-page report



strong interest inventory


  • Access to the Strong Interest Inventory® online
  • 90-minute interpretation session
  • 17-page report





Yes, I'm a Whole Person Certified Coach®, a certified Highly Sensitive Person Coach®, a Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner®, and a Certified Administrator of the Strong Interest Inventory®.  In addition, I'm an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


When you sign up for a coaching  package, you'll receive a link to my availability calendar, which you can use to select time slots that are convenient to you.  

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.  I work with people all over the world and across different time zones, including some weekend hours.

Your sessions can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, or at irregular intervals.  We'll do whatever makes the most sense given your unique situation and goals.


Feel free to contact me with any additional questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  You will also have an opportunity to ask questions during the free intro session.